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Production Development

Step By Step Guide

Step 1. Brief

Identify the Idea and concept for the project and help us understand what you want to achieve.

Step 2. Proposal

We develop a fitting treatment that will satisfy your concept and requirements and make your project visually exciting and engaging.

Step 3. Estimated Cost

We will work with you to identify a budget. The cost of your production depends on the length and complexity of your proposed brief. Our assessments are based on what we think is the most cost effective way to produce your project.

Step 4. Research & Script

We conduct a deep research about your project using expert and qualified researchers. After the research is concluded we develop a script which will dictate what your audience will see and hear, we then send this over to you for approval.

Step 5. Recce

We recce the proposed locations to assess the shooting environment and introduce any key personnel that will be involved in the shoot. The visit will enable us to evaluate the filming conditions and identify changes and problems that may arise prior to the shoot dates. We then prepare ourselves adequately and find solutions to any problems identified.

Step 6. Pre-Production

We plan each shoot day prior to the date, our preparation will allow us to get the most out of your time and budget. We compile a schedule so that everyone involved will know what, where and when? Is going on.

Step 7. Production

The filming will involve a crew and equipment which will depend on the complexity and scale of the project. We aim execute the project smoothly, efficiently and professionally.

Step 8. Editing

We evaluate and catalogue all the footage and create a rough cut edit as per the script, integrating the voiceover, music and all the graphics and titles. It is uploaded to our secure on-line platform for all the participants from your part to view.

Step 9. Client Feedback

You will submit all the required feedback and changes you want made. Once the edit has been approved by you we colour grade the footage and mix the sound appropriately.

Step 10. Post Production & Delivery

We can host your High Definition (HD) video ensuring it is always displayed at the very best quality. We can produce hard copies (DVDs or Drives) and supply a file format that is suitable to your needs.

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