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Bishop Capucci



‘Capucci’ is a documentary that highlights the struggle of a Syrian Catholic bishop in supporting the Palestinian resistance. Hilarion Capucci was arrested by the Israeli authorities in August 1974 whilst trying to smuggle weapons to the resistance, and was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. Following the persistent mediation efforts of the Vatican, Capucci was released 4 years into his sentence and was expelled to Rome in November 1978

In May 2010, bishop Capucci participated in the aid flotilla carrying clothes and food to the besieged Gaza strip. The flotilla was intercepted by Israeli authorities, seizing all the aid on board and expelling all of its passengers to Lebanon.

Considering himself a father to all Palestinians, Capucci remained a strong supporting voice to the Palestinian cause all the way until he passed away in January of 2017

Executive producer: Mohammed Alsaedi
Director: Mohammed Salameh

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