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"The Legends of Israeli Politics”.. Noon Films’ latest documentary film

"The Legends of Israeli Politics” is the recent film produced by Noon Films, which will be broadcasted exclusively by Al Jazeera today Sunday 21/05/2017 at 19:30 Mecca time.

The film deals with "The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics", a book by the French philosopher and writer Roger Garaudy who was harshly attacked by the Zionist lobby in France and even brought into court after being accused of anti-semitism. 

Garaudy tries to condemn the political myth that the state of Israel was founded upon, through a well documented historical research divided into three parts: the first part deals with "the theological myth", the second with "the myths of the 20th century", while he sheds light in the third part on "the political use of the myths", meaning the influence of the Zionist lobby on decision making in America and Europe.

The film focuses on the controversial debate that the publishing of the book sparkled. Some people found the book hateful towards Israel, while others found that it aims to defend the right of  Palestinians to have a land and to lead a normal life. 

The French media played a huge role against Garudy because of his book. He became marginalised after being one of the most famous theorists and writers in France. 

The film is directed by Mohamed Omar, researched by Said Salmi, filmed by Ammar Tamimi. The executive producer is Mohammed Saedi and produced by Aljazeera network.